The citizens of the nation must be proactive and vigilant as we go to the polls on the Election Day.

The citizens of the nation must be proactive and vigilant as we go to the polls on the Election Day.


By Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

Security Consultant


As Ghanaians are about preparing to go to the polls to elect leaders to spearhead the nation’s affairs, I believe there is a need to be extremely serious and vigilant of messages we receive from aspiring presidential candidates and members of parliament who will come to seek our sovereignty to rule the nation.


I am of the believe that leadership should be a selfless call to render accurate stewardship to the citizens and the nation at large .


The future of every country depends on the decision the people make towards electing a presidential candidate and members of parliament who are known of good character ,behavior, conduct , habit and tolerance.


Governance is a serious business and therefore, there is the need to set our priorities right as citizens of mother Ghana.


People will Pretend to be humble, by giving out gifts such as money , food items etc to influence citizens to mislead our sovereignty to vote them into power.


But let’s all bare in mind that , the future of Ghana resides on the decision we make as good citizens . Power corrupt people naturally. There are only few people who really understand leadership and the need to be selfless


Knowledge is a subject of wisdom,

Wisdom brings development.

Vote for wise aspirations/ candidates who have the nation’s interest at heart and not their selfish partisan interest.


There is a saying that “ if you want to know a persons character give him/her power.”


Let’s be wise enough as citizens in exercising our franchise as good citizens.


Let’s all remember as citizens of Ghana, the future of this country resides on the decision we make during elections.


Many will come with sweet and mind blowing manifestos full of empty promises which at the end of the day turns out to be a different ball game all together.


The supreme agent that manipulates to rule our nation’s econom are the foreign aids .


Let’s ask critical questions to prevent and avoid excessive borrowing as a nation .


It’s time to look ahead of us to seek serious redress from our leaders who come to seek our sovereignty as aspirations/candidates .


Let’s look out for reasonable measures put in place to stop these leaders who intended to rule by borrowing to spearhead our nations affairs.


Ghana should not be ruled by leaders who do not think of the nation , especially the youth who happen to be the future leaders of our great country.


I think it’s time to review and amend our constitution as a nation to strike out certain clauses that protect and favor the executive and all public holders , especially the section of conflicts of interest.


As a nation we should try as much as possible to ensure our leaders engage the youth mostly during ruling this country .


On the subject of industrialization, there should be good measures put in place to prevent citizens leaving the shores of our nation in search of greener pastures while we have all the natrual raw materials in our country .


Ghana is known of its natrual resources especially the agriculture sector .


Ghana is not poor but rich , let’s build upon our richness through promoting of our culture , heritage and traditions as a nation .


Let’s be serious Ghanaians for once rather than mocking others.


For instance there are social amenities which are not described as developmental projects in s constituency. For instance building on toilet facilities, town hall centers , ball-holes, roads . These are the jobs for the assembly members who are elected in certain electoral Areas within a constituency.. but due to lack of education many constituencies applaud their respective MPs.


Developmental projects are things that bring socio- economic growth to enhance the development of a constituency economically such as creating a common grounds for entrepreneurs to develop the constituency through industrialization.


Let’s upgrade and enlighten our conscience a bit.


Story. by Nana Kweku Ofori Atta

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