The Ceo of Avcontech security masters, Nana kweku ofori atta applauds the IGP for taking strict measures as law of engagement to put an end to the unnecessary falsehood prophecies that causes fear and panic in the nation.


By Nana kweku Ofori Atta


I sincerely applaud the Inspector general of police, Dr Akuffo Dampare Ghana’s current IGP of the Ghana police service administration, for outlining strict measures against certain alleged falsehood prophecies which goes under the cover of God, and the displaying of alleged political colours through prophecies which puts the nation under pressure, causing fear and panic which calls for unnecessary tension and debates in the country.




Let’s not Forget that, as a nation alleged falsehood prophecies easily cause violence within a nation.




Mostly criminals hide behind these alleged prophecies to commit crimes especially the cause of fire outbreaks.




And I think there is the need to protect our nation with strict measures as the IGP has outline as laws of engagement for unnecessary alleged fake prophecies which has been long over due.




To mention few Examples of the alleged falsehood prophecies that causes the Nation pain and lost of properties in some of our market places, which

It’s quite unfortunate.




To me as a concern citizen, I strongly believe It’s a good and a bold initiative that the IGP and his team has put together to stop the unnecessary alleged falsehood prophecies of fire outbreak , death and doom prophecies that comes out yearly by self acclaim pastors and prophet’s of God.




It’s on the right direction for the IGP and his team bringing to the public notice of these alleged falsehood prophecies that causes fear and panic in the nation, which causes Charo’s and also destroys lots of properties of the nation and citizens especially properties that belong to traders (entrepreneurs).




These unnecessary falsehood alleged prophecies alone causes fear and panic to me and it’s extremely unfortunate and criminal.




Mostly these self acclaimed prophets openly display their political interest through their prophecies yearly through prophetic declarations at 31st night which they term “cross over prophecies.”




I of the view as a Christian that, prophets are supposed to play an instrumental role in governance through the act of praying for the nation and also ensuring the nations safety under Gods protection.




Also they are supposed to help leadership to grow spiritually by giving leadership ethics, moral and good advice through biblical teachings to assist governance of the nation.

But on the other hand it turns other way round.




On Countless times, we see these same self acclaimed prophets engaging in serious unfortunate fights on social media by exchanging unethical words (insults or allegations ) to each other tiring the nation apart.



I think it’s time the Christian council of ghana need to be proactive to protect the kingdom of God by putting tight and discipline measurers( laws) together to prevent those unethical behavior of some men / women of God who brings the kingdom of God’s reputation into disrepute by displaying unethical behavior which sent a wrong signal to Christianity.




As Christian,we need to follow the ethics , conduct, character, behavior, habits and traits of the Almighty God.




To attract non believers into the vineyard of God and not to disrespect the high office of Gods kingdom.




It’s high time for the Christian council to revoke license of these men/ women of God to stop these unfortunate display of such bad behavior as Christian on social media.




I will plead with all bloggers to stop championing these men / women of God who displays such indiscipline behavior on social media by concentrate on hipping these unnecessary conflicts which destroys the nations integrity to the world as a globe and concentrate on things that motivate and attract investors to add economic value to the nation.



I believe it’s will be appropriate to revoke all tv and radio license that belongs to pastors or prophets who don’t use their platform for the right purpose.



God bless Ghana.

God bless Ghana Police service.

God bless IGP.

God bless us all.


Story By::: Nana Kwaku Ofori Atta

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