Houston Maritime Attorney: Why are Maritime Accidents Different?

Why are Maritime Accidents Different?

One kind of law is this one. The laws governing maritime injuries are one-of-a-kind. There may be a few laws that apply in maritime cases that have little effect on onshore accidents.

The Chief of Naval Operations Office Laws are meant to protect specific officials and situations. They are accustomed to following specific conditions and officials.

At Port Houston, maritime law may apply to some injuries sustained while handling heavy goods like cars and containers.

Why Hire a Maritime Lawyer?

Although it is too soon to tell when Houston will become a major international shipping port city, it is not too late to get started. Contact a skilled attorney who can assist you in obtaining all of the money you are entitled to and get your rights written down.

How to Sell a House If you can get well sooner, you’ll be able to make more money! By paying for your stay in the hospital while you recover, you can help. If you don’t know enough about maritime laws, there are a lot of ways money can get away from you.

Even though they practice law, our maritime accident attorneys do not allow their clients to get into trouble. In Houston, Texas, we provide them with the best representation. A group of legal professionals who have all received multiple awards make up the grant-winning lawyers group. They know a lot about maritime law.

One of the best programs for training mariners, oil riggers, and seamen can be found at the Maritime Institute of America. Maritime is pleased with their partnership and has a track record of assisting maritime workers injured or harmed.

Maritime Attorney Will

Write the report for your boss to get the information you need to back up your claims about your job. If you are a seaman covered by the Jones Act, you should be aware that the condition of the ship at the time of your injury may prevent you from suing the ship.

Gather documentation demonstrating the boat’s seaworthiness. Check out how their hair extensions are made. If your car has been damaged, you need to figure out what happened and who was hurt.

You have been asked by your manager to look over any waivers or offers that come through the administrative workflow.

Tell the insurance company the truth about the cause of the loss. Determine how much time you need to record a claim. A negligent manager should be held accountable. The next step is to negotiate a fair plan or settlement for your situation.

This article will show you the three foundational acts of maritime law.

They are:

jones Act

Death on the High Seas Act

Limitation of Liability Act

These acts are the basis for any claim that is made on behalf of a seaman. You need to know the general law before you delve into the acts that follow it.

Jones Act Lawyers

Houston maritime attorney In 2022, working as a seaman in the maritime industry is a high-risk occupation in the United States. Even if a boat is seaworthy, being on it poses a risk. The weight of the equipment, the ship’s size, its seaworthiness, and the weather are just a few of the many factors that can raise the likelihood of injury.

Assuming a physical issue occurs, the master specialist is habitually hours away, and a phenomenal event can life-change. The Jones Act is usually a useful tool for recovering damages from a captain who is accused of negligence. A maritime injury can be much more serious than one that occurs on land. But there are other choices. This is a good first step toward increasing passenger vehicle safety.

The purpose of these demonstrations was to ascertain the security requirements for a secure workplace. They are based on the suggestions made by the industry, the Department of Justice, and NIST.

On a regular basis, the safe completion of difficult tasks depends on sea captains and harbour workers. Their lives depend on their managers’ capacity to construct a safe workplace.

Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA)

If something happens while a vessel is traveling, a maritime law attorney might be held responsible. Under the Limitation of Liability Act, however, many boat owners try to avoid responsibility for mishaps that occur on their vessel.

In certain circumstances, ship owners can opt out of being liable for losses brought on by their vessels’ lack of seaworthiness thanks to this statute. This demonstration discusses a variety of injuries, including those that result in deaths, such as those that affect individual athletes.


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