“From Dependence to Self-Sufficiency”

“From Dependence to Self-Sufficiency”

By Nana kweku Ofori atta
Security consultant/ Data analyst

The government should establish a self-sufficient security database with strict security policies in all 275 constituencies across all 16 regions of Ghana to serve as a support mechanism for the national economy.

The introduction of one district, one factory was a good policy, but it lacked an accurate data management system, which is why certain government officials took it for granted, illegally enrich themselves allegedly from the government’s good policy. It is time to implement a self-manufacturing and production policy with an accurate tight security data management system across all governmental institutions, from the regional, district, and municipal levels, for implementation and close monitoring.

Ghanaians who live along our coastal belt do not value the sea and rivers that surround the country. There is much that could be done with the sea, but it appears that as a nation, we lack the foresight and insight to realize this vision as a nation. I believe we should have had power wherever there is a river, as far as the river flows. Even if it’s filthy, the flow is all we need. We don’t need artificial dams for power because we already have a plentiful supply. We simply refuse to use technology to improve what we have.
for example (footsteps, heat and Solar) are alternative source of power to ECG. In Norway, there is a club where they harness the heat generated when people come to dance. The white man has a constant flow or distribution of power. Nevertheless, they are constantly looking for ways to make power more accessible and less expensive.

Yet, in Ghana, we have an abundance of sunshine, and all we do is use it to dry fish and clothes, while we can harness it as a source of energy.

Government should develop a plan (software with tight security features) to ensure that it can easily identify the core occupation of these constituencies in order to improve, encourage and support them. We need to build local sever stations. Essentially, to host all data, all we need are receiver stations to transmit data across the country. We don’t require cables. Everything can be easily distributed without relying on foreign servers. Through a self-developed regional economic management training system, a centralized database system will be built to manage the state’s economy entirely within the state.

Let us not forget that as a country, we own almost all of the natural raw materials. Reasons why there is a need to develop each region’s natural resources. This is only one aspect of our nation’s challenge.
This is very sad, and I believe it is past time for the government to start involving technocrats without attaching any political status to the individual in order to join heads to save the country.

By Nana kweku Ofori Atta

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